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Tytuł: XenoCube SD&HD
Kategoria: Gra
Wersja: Full
Cena: Poprzednia cena 0,79 € teraz Darmowa Free
Wymagania: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later
Link bezpośredni do AppStore:  XenoCube SD IPHONE klik
                                                       XenoCube HD IPAD klik


‘XenoCube’ to bardzo ciekawe nie trudne puzzle dla wielbicieli tego gatunku (połącz razem trzy).
Rozgrywkę toczymy na sześciu płaszczyznach naraz i to w dodatku w 3D
Gra ciekawie wykorzystuje nasz akcelerator, mianowicie poprzez ruch iPhone lub iPada
ruszamy ekranem rozgrywki.
Gra prezentuję się bardzo ciekawie i zabierze nam trochę czasu.

XenoCube’ Is No Stranger To Great Puzzle Fun" --- AppPicker(4 out of 5)

"XenoCube is an excellent puzzle game that'll keep you rotating cubes and scoring corner matches for weeks." --- Modojo (4 out of 5)

"Does Xenocube SD have replay value? Is the pope Catholic?" --- iPhone App Reviews (4 out of 5)

"The level of detail to making the game feel like it’s in 3D is absolutely astounding." --- AppTudes (4 ½ out of 5)

"XenoCube SD is really everything a person wants a puzzle game to be: fun, addictive, infinitely replayable. Having the whole thing wrapped up in a snazzy audio-visual package is just icing on the cake." --- 148 Apps (4 ½ out of 5)

"Ease of gameplay combined with addicting graphics made for a great experience. I honestly cannot stop playing." --- PadGadget (4 ½ out of 5)

“It’s time to toss out those cookie cutter match-three games and meet the new kid on the block: XenoCube.” --- AppAdvice (4 ½ out of 5)

"It takes quite a bit to reinvigorate the genre, but XenoCube does just that by taking the match three to the third dimension." --- Apple'N'Apps (4 out of 5)

"It’s a fun, colorful, fresh take on the Match-3 genre." --- Slide To Play (3 out of 4)

**Note: Please visit the game's web site at www.xenocube.com in order to download and print the augmented reality card for use with AR Mode.

Taking Match 3 to 3D!

Experience amazing 3D effects that explode off your 2D screen with XenoCube, a must have remake of the classic, addictive, Match 3 style game that utilizes perspective tricks to make it seem like you are seeing the game world in 3D. Match 3 or more across multiple sides and earn power ups for explosive effects and big points as you advance through 32 levels in any of the game’s 5 unique modes including a revolutionary Augmented Reality mode. You won’t believe your eyes as you create your own backgrounds with this amazing technology that will allow you to play XenoCube anywhere your mind can imagine. Filled with amazing visuals, XenoCube is harder, smarter and more fun! You will never want to play in 2D again.

Game Features

•3D Matching
•Tilt controlled 3D FX
•Augmented Reality (iPad 2 only)
•5 Unique game modes
•Up to 32 levels per mode
•2 Unique art styles to choose from
•8 Full 3D backgrounds
•8 2D backgrounds
•8 Unique power ups and explosion fx
•Gamecenter leaderboards and achievements
•Facebook high score postings with screenshots

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